Axiom® BL prosthetic line
One kit for all prosthetic restorations

Axiom® BL prosthetic line

The Axiom® BL prosthetic line is compatible with both REG and PX profiles and offers the flexibility of a single-diameter conical connection.

It covers all indications from single-unit to plural screw-retained or cemented restorations, and stabilization of removable overdentures. Dental laboratories have the choice between catalog components for conventional process, Labside solutions for in-house milling or Simeda® CAD/CAM high-quality prosthetics.

Thanks to single diameter prosthetic connection, prosthetic components are chosen regardless of the implant diameter for the best prosthetic outcome.

Handling soft tissue is stress free thanks to contant profile from healing screws to final abutments.

Maintains the epithelium and connective tissue attachment thanks to components that come sterile, for immediate placement of standard, Multi-Unit, and inLink® abutments.

Selection of solutions for screw-retained, multiple-unit prostheses: on inLink® or Multi-Unit abutments, with immediate or delayed loading.

Wide range of height profiles for cemented prostheses 5 gingival heights and 4 height diameters.

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