Axiom® 2.8
A minimally-invasive restorative solution for restricted mesiodistal space

A minimally-invasive restorative solution for restricted mesiodistal space

Axiom® 2.8 is a bone level implant indicated for single restorations in the incisor region. It features a fully sealed conical Morse taper with no fixation screws. 

Axiom® 2.8, as a two-piece implant, benefits from a full range of prosthetic components. The automatic Safe Lock enables atraumatic and controlled impaction. 

Thanks to Axiom® 2.8, aesthetic restorations are expertly managed in the anterior region. Its combined surgical and prosthetic kit will guarantee an efficient protocol for implant and the prosthetic placement.

Minimally invasive

A narrow two-piece implant associated with slim design prosthetic parts


Morse taper connection


Controlled impaction to secure your restoration with a dedicated Safe Lock automatic instrument

Prosthetic flexibility

Full range of prosthetic components

Safe Lock®

Secured procedure

  • Fully controlled
  • Reproducible impaction
  • Easy to use Safe Lock®
  • Directly connected to the implant motor

Axiom® 2.8 surgical and prosthetic kit

One dedicated surgical kit for both surgery and prosthetic protocols

  •  Easy, practical and logical layout
  • Compact and ergonomic kit
  •  Smart protocol

Axiom® implant packaging

Innovative, simple and reliable packaging!

  • No-touch solution
  • Press and play!
  • Plugs directly into the implant
  • Repositioning during surgery
  • Cover screw included

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