Osteo Safe®
First automatic osteotome

First automatic osteotome

Osteo Safe® is your preferred automatic solution to perform calibrated osteotomies for Axiom® implant placement.
This unique solution ensures comfort for the patient and improved stress management, for a perfectly executed, reproducible procedure.

Sinus lift procedures with crestal access and bone compaction for excellent primary stability are the major indications for Osteo Safe®.


The first automatic and pre-calibrated impaction instrument for osteotomies


Simple, short and progressive sequence of 4 osteotome diameters
Minimally invasive and safe bone preparation


Direct connection to the implant micro-motor
Comfortable handle for single-handed operation, great visibility during surgery

Peace of mind

Controlled impaction for delicate procedures
Fully focus on the surgical procedure


Safety and comfort for the patients, resulting in better treatment acceptance
Axiom® implants can be placed during the same surgical procedure

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