INTEGRAL Guided surgery
Walk on a trusted path

Walk on a trusted path

The INTEGRAL fully guided surgery solution is designed to provide precision and ergonomics, and thus contribute to increasing the efficiency of the surgical procedure by securing the protocol. Developed with flexibility, it allows each clinician to choose the configuration best suited to their practice. 

Compatible with many software programs, it integrates seamlessly into the digital workflow of the dental office and laboratory.

Ergonomics and performance

Self-guiding drills and instruments
for optimal comfort

Intuitive kit organization to facilitate
the follow-up of the protocol

Follow the path!


Range of 4 kits for a perfect match to the needs of each practitioner


Sleeves designed to optimize the positioning in the guide
and the accuracy of the final positioning of the implant

Components adjustment for high precision guidance


Open compatibility with major implant planning software

Seamless integration into the digital workflow

Freedom for design and printing of surgical guides

Available in the Smile in a Box® service offer

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