Safe Relax®
Solution for removing crowns and bridges

Safe Relax®
Automatic crown and bridge remover

The Safe Relax® crown and bridge remover enables you to successfully carry out crown and bridge removals without stress for the patient. Connected to any standardized micromotor, it transforms the rotation into controlled micro-impacts.

The assortment of 4 hooks is completed by a smart wire-tips solution facilitating the removal of bridges, particularly ceramics.


High-frequency of micro-strokes: up to 20 movements per second
Non-reloading mechanism: maintains a constant working axis and precise, continuous contact

Working comfort and ease of use

Ergonomic design for improved grip of the instrument
The bayonet attachment lets you insert your hook or wire-tip in a single hand movement


Wide range of inserts to suit all prosthesis configurations
Fits to all electric and air driven, e-type motors

Full control

Intuitive intensity adjustment ring for the comfort of controlled intensity