Straumann® XenoFlex


Straumann® XenoFlex is a combination of 90% bone mineral (100% pure hydroxyapatite) with 10% Collagen type I. Tested to eliminate antigenicity and provide a favorable environment for new bone growth; it is composed of bovine bone and porcine collagen. Its slow resorption rate delivers extended stability – a critical advantage in cases that require a strong scaffold for long-term tissue support and esthetic needs.  The collagen fibers facilitates the adhesion of proteins and signals molecules from the blood to the embedded granules to further improve the fast bony integration of Straumann® XenoFlex.

  • Biofunctionality

    The final sterility of Straumann XenoFlex is done by gamma irradiation and has an optimal balance of calcium and phosphate, comparable to human bone

  • Efficiency

    Less operation time is needed because we are placing 1 piece into the surgical area 

  • Handling

    The size is customizable to the patient defect and can be shaped dry or wet. After hydration, Straumann XenoFlex changes to a slightly spongy consistency enabling ease of handling.

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Biomaterials Overview Brochure

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Straumann Xenoflex Data Sheet

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Straumann XenoFlex

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