Straumann® ProClean Cassette

Uncompromised hygiene. Ready for action.

The Straumann® ProClean Cassettes are made solely of stainless steel with no aluminum, plastics, silicones or other materials that could degrade due to frequent, intensive machine-based reprocessing cycles.

Whether you are a major hospital, sterile services department or a busy practice, the Straumann® ProClean Cassette will transform your workflow by increasing productivity and efficiency. The ProClean Cassette virtually eliminates labor-intensive manual cleaning – simply put the used instruments back into the cassette during operation and let machines do the rest.

  • Uncompromised Hygiene

    Meets the highest* hygiene requirements of dental practices and hospitals.

  • Simple Workflow

    Simply put the used instruments back into the cassette. Validated, automated reprocessing makes instrument mix-ups a thing of the past.

  • Increased Productivity

    Free up more time for value-added clinical activities.

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette

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Straumann® ProClean Cassette

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