Straumann® Abutment Connections

More than a proven system.
It’s the trust that comes with it.

Straumann® original components are proven to give you the performance and reliability needed to build your practice. Straumann's implant to abutment connections provide a precise design with specifications that cannot be reproduced. Scientific evidence1 shows that there are differences in screw loosening and variations in micro mobility when using original versus non-original implant-abutment connections.

Straumann® CROSSFIT® Connection

Easy handling and high reliability combined.

The self-guiding internal prosthetic connection has an optimized design for long-term mechanical stability under all loading conditions and ensures an exact fit between implant and abutment. The internal cone of 15° allows for greater flexibility in prosthetic treatments. Four internal grooves ensure the precise positioning of prosthetic components. Depending on the implant diameter, the Straumann® Bone Level Implant is equipped either with the Regular CrossFit® (RC) or the Narrow CrossFit® (NC) connection. 


The handling is easy and provides confidence for component positioning. 


Restorative flexibility and long-term mechanical stability.2-4


Precision against rotation is ensured. Reduced micro-movements and minimized microgap. Optimized stress distribution. Exact implant-abutment fit.

Straumann®  synOcta®

Reliable. Simple. Flexible.

 The synOcta® Prosthetic System offers you the advantages of a reliable, simple and flexible prosthetic solution. The secret of synOcta®’s success lies in the connection between the abutment and the implant. The precise symmetrical fit of the octagons of the abutment and inside of the implant allows the synOcta® Abutment to be re-positioned, but also protects against rotation. The combination of the Morse Taper with 8° cone with cold welding ensures reliable vertical positioning. 


The 8° cone of the Morse taper offers an ideal combination between cold welding and reliable vertical positioning. Exact implant-abutment fit.


Simple impression taking without the abutment.


Abutments can be repositioned, selected on the model, and with optimal planning options for every indication.

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