Compelling membrane solutions.

Barrier membranes designed for GBR/GTR have to meet the following criteria: host tissue integration, biocompatibility, cell occlusiveness, permeability for nutrients and ease of use1. Our membranes exhibit outstanding handling properties, controlled degradation patterns and are characterized by their excellent biocompatibility, making them the ideal choice for applications in implant dentistry and periodontology.

Straumann® Membrane Flex™️


Straumann® Membrane Flex™ provides flexibility and strength in an easy-to-handle,

easy-to-suture barrier for soft tissue support and graft containment. Meticulously

manufactured from highly purified intact porcine collagen and minimally crosslinked,

it’s biocompatible and predictably resorbable. It naturally conforms to defects

and contours—plus, it’s easy to reposition. Once in place, it can be firmly anchored

to surrounding tissue with minimal risk of tearing or detachment, thanks to its

higher suture pullout strength.*


*Data on file with manufacturer


Clinical aspects of novel types of collagen membranes and matrices: Current issues in soft- and hard- tissue augmentation Rothamel D, Török RR, Neugebauer J, Fienitz T, Scheer M, Kreppel M, Mischkowski R, Zöller J. EDI Journal I 1/2012 I Page 62

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Membrane Plus Data Sheet

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Membrane Flex Data Sheet

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