Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype 

More than PURE esthetics. The natural-looking and metal-free solution.

  • Esthetics

    High-end esthetic results- due to the ivory colored material and favorable soft tissue management.

  • Quality

    High-performance zirconia ceramic, 100% proof tested to ensure reliable implant strength.

  • Surface

    ZLA® surface with excellent osseointegration properties.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible treatment protocols, digital pre-operative implant planning.

  • Innovation

    A new system that helps you expand your patient pool.

  • Metal-free

    A metal-free alternative to titanium implants.

The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype has a monotype design based on the proven features of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Standard Plus Implant and the Straumann® Bone Level Implant line.  

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How can we help you?

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CI RD Straumann PUREbase

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Straumann® PUREbase

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Patient PURE Brochure

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