Straumann® CARES®
P series 3D Printers

Surgical EFFICIENCY, redefined.

Fast, reliable, precise 3D printed immediacy solutions.

Fast. Reliable. Precise. New Straumann® CARES® P series 3D printers and centralized printing service deliver immediacy solutions faster than you have ever imagined.


Tailored to meet the highest demands in dental labs and clinical practices, Straumann® CARES® printing solutions produce surgical guides, implant models and gingiva masks with top-quality precision and speed. Redefine your surgical efficiency with 3D printed immediacy solutions from the dental innovation leader.


Straumann® CARES® printing solutions do all the work. You get all the credit.


  • Reliability

    Simple and intuitive to use. Sturdy and durable technology prints 2 dental implant models in approximately 45 minutes.

  • Speed

    2 surgical guides printed in approximately 16 minutes. 15 natural-looking gingiva masks printed in approximately 15 minutes.

  • Flexibility

    Open system. Multiple applications in one unit. Material change in less than 30 seconds. Centralized printing available.

  • Immediacy

    Reduce your total treatment time for implant placement with quick, reliable access to precise immediacy solutions.

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