Straumann® P30+ with ASM 2.0

Empower your mid-size lab with automated print separation.

Bring Straumann quality into your daily production and increase your output to help your business grow.

P30 + Technical Specifications

  • Build area: 130x75mm
  • Native pixel: +/- 34µm
  • Max part height: 110mm (40mm with ASM)
  • Light source: 385nm UV LED
  • Resolution: HD 1920x1080px
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD): 480x690x410mm
  • Connections: WLAN, Ethernet, USB
  • Control: 10 inch touchscreen
  • Force Feedback: Yes
  • Automatic separation unit: Yes
  • Material identification (RFID): Yes
  • Resin temperature control: Yes
  • Auto calibration system: Yes
  • Glass reservoirs: Yes
  • Metal build platforms: Yes
  • Team Viewer inside: Yes

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