Daniel Rios

Senior Consulting Services Development Manager

Daniel Rios is a senior development manager on the Straumann Enterprise consulting team. Daniel has over 18 years of experience within sales, operations and consulting. He has worked in various sectors including healthcare, hospital care units and dentistry. Throughout his career, Daniel has specialized in creating efficient workflows to enhance profitability.

Daniel has led many successful consulting projects, with impactful results such as revenue growth, digitalization and treatment growth; against challenges of low conversion rates, operational bottlenecks and staff turnover. To achieve this, he has focused on addressing success drivers such as effective treatment planning, staffing, payment methods and monitoring to name a few. All in all, what’s most important to Daniel is his mindset. Having a positive attitude, being proactive and ambitious is what truly drives him and his success. To highlight his impactful career, some of his projects are detailed below.

Project 1

With more than 30 years in the market, this multidisciplinary oral health client had specialties within restorative, implant surgery and orthodontics. After a thorough assessment, several areas of opportunity would allow this clinic to reach their full potential, such as clinic team organization, conversion rates, workflow optimization and greater control of activity costs.

Identified areas of opportunity

  • Clinic team organization
  • Workflow optimization
  • Conversion rates
  • Greater control of activity costs

Solutions provided

  • Patient education materials
  • Workflow re-organization
  • Marketing plan
  • Full monitoring & tracking of all clinical, operational & financial metrics
  • Workshops in consultation skills, value stream mapping
  • Digitalization: apps & 3D intraoral scanners
  • Staff incentive system
  • Yearly check-in & 5-year expansion plan to provide this solution to 5 new practices in 3 years
  • Financial payment methods


30% → 50%

conversion rate

Specialty expansion

to zygomatic implants & ortho pediatrics

15% → 20%

gross profit margin

Project 2

This client was an ambitious and proactive doctor who owned a practice with limited facilities. The doctor wanted to embark on a strategic transformation project to create a more profitable business and maximize current resources through efficient workflows and improving the patient experience.

Identified areas of opportunity

  • Lack of consolidated implant specialty
  • Workflow optimization
  • Misaligned marketing activities
  • Improving the patient experience

Solutions provided

  • Differentiation strategy to gain competitive advantage
  • Improving the patient experience through better communication (reminders, video recordings, phone calls) & clinic environment
  • Marketing plan involving external collaborations and monthly activities for demand generation
  • Patient education materials
  • New branding


50% increase

in cases per year

Project 3

This client was a practice owned by two entrepreneurs, a surgeon and orthodontist, who achieved good financial results and practice organization. However, they were looking to achieve the next level of excellence for their business in all areas (clinical, marketing, sales, operational, financial) as well as scale their implant business as a new priority.

Identified areas of opportunity

  • Improving staff turnover
  • Maximizing resources
  • Setting clear implant goals
  • Greater control of activity costs

Solutions provided

  • Incentive system for staff
  • P&L management
  • Workshops in scheduling, purchasing process, roleplays for treatment coordinators
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Process standardization


20% → 25%

gross profit margin

Achieved > 400 cases

in Ortho & Implant treatments per year