Industrialized Laboratory 360

Balance your case production capacity and increase efficiency of production lines of affiliated laboratories

As provider of laboratory services, you might be facing efficiency gaps in your production. Digital technologies and automation can help standardizing production outcomes and developing lab productivity benchmarks to be leveraged for improvement and branding.

50% additional capacity

With the shift from manual processing towards automation technologies like state of the art CAD/CAM systems can free up capacity up to 50% in laboratories1

Challenges DSOs with affiliated laboratories are facing when trying to harmonize and industrialize their laboratory production

Standardizing quality

How to decrease the remark rate?

Production time

How to reduce the overall average production time per unit?

Cost pressure

How to create savings on former duplicate production?

Industrialized Laboratory 360

An end-to-end workflow for DSOs that helps reduce wait times for lab cases and lowers costs with innovative on-site digital lab solutions – increasing productivity.

Industrialized Laboratory 360 provides secure and scalable production fulfillment, accelerating the adoption of digital workflows inside the network. This drives productivity, resulting in scalable and resilient workflows in the affiliated laboratory. It improves clinician access to digital and drives best practice to improve incoming data. Its standardized design and production methodology increases the accuracy of treatment planning.

Value realization along a digitized and automated case journey

Case journey

1    Data acquisition for treatment planning. Study model/pre-operative impression

2    Prosthetic case evaluation & scheduling

3    - Post-operative impression

      - Restorative impression

      - Prosthetic case design and production

4    Monitor clinical and operational performance

Unlock the potential of oral health


1    Boston Consulting Group