Neodent® XenoGraft

The natural-looking bovine bone grafting material.

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Straumann® XenoGraft is methodically processed from bovine bone and extensively tested to eliminate antigenicity and provide a favorable environment for new bone growth. Its slow resorption rate delivers extended stability—a critical advantage in cases that require a strong scaffold for long-term tissue support or esthetic needs.

  • Strength

    Creates a lasting scaffold with a favorable tactile feel when drilling for an implant site or osteotomy. The slow resporption rate provides extended stability.

  • Biocompatibility

    Deproteinized and delipidized, then terminally sterilized via gamma irradiation for an optimal balance of calcium of phosphate.

  • Osteointegration

    Low crystallinity provides a favorable surface to which new bone can adhere. A high porosity supports osteoconduction, enhancing integration of new bone.

  • Flexibility

    Combine with Straumann® AlloGraft to augment mechanical strength and to maintain ideal space for maximum bone volume.


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