3Shape TRIOS® 
Intraoral Scanners 
from Straumann

Make a great impression.

Digital impression scanning with 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanners can increase your annual profits by $27,263 and save you 140 hours per year in staff time, compared to a traditional analog workflow. Go Beyond your digital journey with 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners from Straumann® - a fit for every practice.


3Shape TRIOS® 4 (NEW)

  • The most powerful TRIOS scanner to date
  • New generation of TRIOS smart tips with instant-heat technology for optimized scanning
  • Built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible caries
  • AI scan technology for simplified scanning
  • Realistic colors and shade measurements

3Shape TRIOS® 3

  • Lightweight pod and scanner connects to your computer via USB
  • Handheld 3D scanner with Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology 
  • Capable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model
  • AI scan technology for simplifies scanning
  • Realistic colors and shade measurement

3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic 

  • An entry-level scanning solution for your first step into digital dentistry
  • Removes unnecessary images of soft tissue as you scan
  • Send production-ready scans with a ‘scan and send-to’ workflow
  • Realistic colors and shade measurements

Estimate based on an average of 20 single crowns and bridges cases per month at an a $1,190 USD fee per patient case. 

Dental fee data sourced from "2018 Survey of Dental Fees" by The American Dental Association’s (ADA). https://ebusiness.ada.org/productcatalog/55492/Center-for-Professional-Success/Survey-of-Dental-Fees-2018/CPS-PR063

Calculation Source: https://triosroi.3shape.com/#/result/4c37ebcc-6d06-4784-aeff-02ce948706e5


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