Aspeo® bone collector
Collecting bone fragments  from the drilling stage and use it as autogenous bone 

Collecting bone fragments from the drilling stage and use it as autogenous bone

Autogenous bone is still considered a far superior material for bone transplants. It avoids immunological response and reduces the risk of infectious transmission. 

Aspeo® is one of the best bone collector thanks to the substantial capacity of its single-use filter. Its ingenious design enables bone to be very easily set in place and offers the practitioner unrivalled ease of use.

  • Effective

    Large capacity of the filter translates into extensive bone volume
    Very high quality filtering of endogenous bone

  • Ergonomic

    Extremely user-friendly instrument: making it easy to collect and affix bone material
    High visibility in mouth

  • Economical: re-usable device

    Only the filter is single use, and it can be used several times for the same patient during the entire surgery

  • Facile manutenzione

    100% stainless steel & totally dismountable
    Single use filter

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