Unlock Confident Smiles for Teens with ClearCorrect

Bridging the Gap in Teen Orthodontic Care

Did you know that 73% of all orthodontic cases globally are teens? Yet only 4% are treated with clear aligners. At ClearCorrect, we believe that everyone—regardless of age—deserves to have their orthodontic needs met.

Around two-thirds of UK teens with adult dentition and malocclusion do not qualify for NHS care. Qualifying teens face waits of up to two years for orthodontic treatment on the NHS. 

Benefits of ClearCorrect for Teens

ClearCorrect aligners offer a range of benefits for teens:

Efficiency: Retains 10x more initial force than competitor for efficient tooth movement.

Comfort: Features a high, flat trimline and tri-layer design for improved comfort and retention.

Effectiveness: Suitable for treating simple cases (IOTN 1, 2, and low 3) in teens with adult dentition.

Real Success Stories

See how ClearCorrect has transformed the smiles of teenagers, download case studies from experienced dentists like Dr. Sean Power and Dr. Melissa Shottell.

Join Our Free Training Program

Enroll in our acclaimed OrthoCampus learning platform to gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively treat teens with full adult dentition. Discover:

·       The fundamentals of teen vs. adult treatment

·       Communication strategies for teen patients and their parents

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