Dental Monitoring®

Offer convenience and maximize efficiency
at every step of your patient journey.


Capture leads and triage patients with an advanced virtual consultation plugin for your website. Using AI-generated reporting, you can engage new patients before they step foot in your door.

Vision App

Create believable smile simulations to capture more qualified leads. Online or in practice. In seconds.

Meet the dental industry’s 1st smile and appliance simulator that uses images of your patient’s real teeth.

Preview an ultra-realistic future smile, in a snap.

Smile view

Empower patients to visualize and choose their appliances.


ScanBox and cheek retractor models vary by country

Dental Monitoring

Give your patients more convenience with remote monitoring. Deliver an outstanding patient experience and improve practice efficiency with virtual treatment monitoring.

Drive compliance

Check treatment progress and detect issues early through closer supervision of treatment between appointments and automated next steps.

Optimize chairtime

Schedule appointments at the right time and never walk into an appointment without knowing the most important information.

Boost engagement

Give patients the convenience of connecting with your practice through our app. Send instructions and friendly reminders as often as needed.

DENTAL MONITORING is a registed trademark of Denal Monitoring LLC (Paris, France)

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