Safe and fast curing of dental 3D printed products: 360° curing with certified programs

The automatic P cure light system produces validated material curing in approx. 10 minutes. Products are cured by powerful LEDs in combination with heating functions. The light rays are in the UVA and UVB range. Mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the printed object are certified by the material manufacturers. Thanks to the direct data connection, the curing program is perfectly matched to the materials and indications. The integrated vacuum pumps dispenses with the need for additional shielding gas.

Integrated and validated Straumann processes

Integrated vacuum pump

Compatible with a variety of materials

Intelligent connection to the P series 

Digital Academy 

Straumann® Digital Academy offers interactive and engaging content. With our platform, you'll embark on a journey of discovery, mastering new skills and techniques from our digital portfolio.

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