Geneva, Switzerland
29 September – 1 October 2022

Straumann Corporate Forum: Digital immediacy in your daily practice

September 29 | 16:30 – 18:30 | Room C

Nowadays, patients not only expect reliable, predictable, and personalized treatment options, but they also demand solutions to shorten the overall treatment time. Therefore, immediate protocols and digital workflow have revolutionized implant dentistry, as they offer a variety of benefits for patients and help clinicians treat specific indications, especially in the esthetic zone. During this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers will discuss successful immediate treatment concepts for different reconstruction modalities, from single-tooth restoration to full-arch rehabilitation. Particular attention will be paid to appropriate treatment planning and selection of the most suitable components based on patients’ unique clinical needs.

Straumnn Smile Award 2022 – the winners

Our mission is to change people’s lives by giving smiles back and this is what you and we work for everyday. With this contest, we aim to see this impact in action. Dozens of clinicians around the world applied their cases on how they are changing the lives of edentulous patients and how full-arch treatment can give back function and esthetics, improving confidence and wellbeing of individuals. On September 29, the most inspiring stories were presented during the Straumann Corporate Forum.

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Eirik Salvesen (Norway)
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Maja Chmielewska (Poland)
Save my smile – traumatic injuries in the esthetic zone.
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Abid Faqir (UK)
The first mandibular molar – everyday life in my clinic. 
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Panagiotis Papaspyridakos (USA)
Is fully digital immediate full-arch reconstruction already a reality? 
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