Advanced biomaterials

What challenge are you going to master today?

We understand that your cases are as individual as your patients. That’s why we offer products you feel comfortable with and can depend on, day in, day out. You can trust in the experience and expertise, that is synonymous with Straumann®, to deliver the right solution for different situations. Whatever your patient needs: from a volume preserving xenograft, to the speed and natural results of an allograft, or a well-balanced combination, our innovative solutions provide you with exactly what you need to master your challenges.


    Our comprehensive portfolio provides you with exactly the choice you need to master challenges from surgical/ flapless periodontal regeneration, enhanced wound healing, bone regeneration, to soft-tissue management and wound care.


    We understand that an all-rounder, one-size-fits all solution, does not always help you meet every challenge. That’s why we provide individ­ual solutions for your indiviual challenges.


    Whether it’s better healing, volume preservation, speed or natural esthetic results, we provide exactly what you need to meet your challenges, backed by scientific evidence and powered by innovation.

Bone Grafts

  • Straumann® XenoGraft

    Mastering everyday cases.

  • Straumann® XenoFlex

    Mastering flexibility.

  • cerabone®

    Mastering protection.

  • maxgraft® granules / blocks

    Mastering natural results.

  • maxgraft® bonebuilder

    Mastering challenging cases.

  • maxgraft® bonering

    Mastering immediacy.

  • maxgraft® cortico

    Mastering extended bone defects.

  • Straumann® BoneCeramic™

    Mastering synthetic solutions.


  • Jason® membrane

    Mastering performance.

  • Straumann® Membrane Flex

    Mastering endurance.

  • collprotect® membrane

    Mastering convenience.

  • permamem®

    Mastering durability.

Soft Tissue Grafts

  • mucoderm®

    Mastering esthetics.


  • collacone®

    Mastering wound dressing.

Straumann® Emdogain®

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