Straumann® Pro Arch

Tailored to fit. Designed to last. 

Straumann® Pro Arch enable personalized treatment protocols for implant-borne fixed full-arch restorations. Leverage the Straumann Dental Implant System combined with the Prosthetics portfolio to treat different clinical situations with predictable outcomes.1-6

  • Treatment options

    Variety of treatment options to address specific indications and different patient’s needs.

  • SLActive® for compromised patients

    Peace of mind treating even compromised patients with diabetes, cancer or smokers. Learn more about SLActive® >

  • Immediate loading

    BLT and BLX implants designed for primary stability and immediate loading.

  • Ultimate restorative flexibility

    Straumann® prosthetic portfolio addresses patient’s high esthetic expectations and financial resources.

  • Reduced invasiveness with Roxolid®

    Narrow and short implants enable clinicians to preserve the bone and avoid bone grafting in some clinical situations with low bone volume. Learn more about Roxolid® >

  • Practice growth

    Immediate loading offering, patient communication and practice growth tools can support your practice growth.

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More than a fixed rehabilitation.

Straumann® Pro Arch
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Tailored to fit. Designed to last.

Straumann® Pro Arch - low-res
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Videos & Animations

Straumann® Mini Implant System

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Straumann® Pro Arch

Unparalleled treatment options for fixed full-arch restoration. (Clinical video Dr. Dr. med. Rohner)
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Unparalleled treatment options for fixed full-arch restoration. (Trailer)
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Treatment option for full-arch screw-retained restorations with low bone availability and immediate temporary restorations
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Scientific evidence

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Product Catalog 2019/2020

Straumann International Edition - interactive
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Product Catalog 2019/2020

Straumann® BLX Implant System - interactive
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1 Calvo-Guirado JL, Lopez Torres JA, Dard M, Javed F, Perez-Albacete Martinez C, Mate Sanchez de Val JE. Evaluation of extrashort 4-mm implants in mandibular edentulous patients with reduced bone height in comparison with standard implants: a 12 month results. Clin Oral Impl Res 27, 2016, 867-874.
2 Piano S, Romeo E, Sbricoli L, Pisoni G, Cea N, Lops D. Simplified procedure for the immediate loading of a complete fixed prosthesis supported by four implants in the maxillary jaw: a 2-year prospective study. Clin. Oral Impl. Res. 00, 2015, 1-7.
3 Retrospective Evaluation of the Straumann ProArch cases performed at the Minneapolis ClearChoice clinics, Dr. Eckert, USA (ongoing)
4 Retrospective Evaluation of the first 100 Straumann ProArch cases vs. The last 100 Nobel all-on-4 cases performed at the Minneapolis ClearChoice clinics, Dr. Eckert, USA (ongoing)
5 Clinical Evaluation of the Straumann ProArch Design, Dr. Ercoli, USA
6 A prospective randomized controlled clinical study of 6 immediately loaded implants in patients with posterior atrophic and edentulous maxilla. Molar site implants angulated, long implants versus straight implants with an internal sinus lift, Dr. Bilal, Germany (ongoing)