How to run effective clinical operations during COVID-19 times that keep everyone safe.


Keeping patients and staff safe is first priority. COVID-19 risks won’t disappear right after the lockdown. Therefore, we curate recommendations from trusted sources and experts in the field on how they can organize their clinical operations while re-opening.


Update your knowledge on infection control & apply it.

Dentists and dental hygienists are professionals trained in tackling the risk of infection. Review all the current protocols and contrast them with your local health authorities’ statements and official guidelines. Re-evaluate every step of your patients’ treatment journey, from the moment they ask for an appointment until the period where they show up for maintenance visits. Below we provide you with a selection of recommendations and articles from trusted sources.


Pay attention to overall health conditions of your staff.

It is particularly important in this situation to ensure that the health status of the entire staff is optimal, including their mental health. People cope with this new situation in different ways, and we need to be ready to provide support if needed. Recently, the WHO presented a list of mental and psychosocial considerations that can be used as a series of messages in communications for different target groups during the outbreak. There, you will find recommendations for both healthcare workers and team leaders or managers in health facilities. It’s never late to start putting them in practice!

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