Straumann® Pro Arch

Tailored to fit. Designed to last. 

Straumann® Pro Arch is our treatment concept for immediate temporary restorations in edentulous patients with limited bone availability. It respects individual patient needs and expectations, offering dental professionals all the implant and prosthetic components needed – at both bone and soft tissue level – to provide a seamless treatment. With our key technologies Roxolid®  and SLActive®  you receive a unique combination of strength and predictability.1-10

  • Treatment options

    Variety of treatment options to address specific indications and different patient’s needs.

  • SLActive® for compromised patients

    Peace of mind treating even compromised patients emerging success in diabetic and irradiated patients.  Learn more about SLActive® >

  • Immediate loading

    BLT and BLX implants designed for primary stability and immediate loading.

  • Ultimate restorative flexibility

    Straumann® prosthetic portfolio addresses patient’s high esthetic expectations and financial resources.

  • Reduced invasiveness* with Roxolid®

    Narrow and short implants enable clinicians to preserve the bone and avoid bone grafting in some clinical situations with low bone volume. Learn more about Roxolid®

  • Practice growth

    Immediate loading offering, patient communication and practice growth tools can support your practice growth.


*When GBR can be avoided.


Discover Dr. Eckert's interview on Straumann® Pro Arch Retrospective Study

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Pro Arch Treatment Guide

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Straumann® Pro Arch Sales Brochure

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Edentulous Solution Guide

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Patient Marketing Materials

Patient Pro Arch Flip Chart

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