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Self-help Documents

7Series Instructions for Use

TSScanner 20.10.2020 PDF, 3 MB

CARES Stand Alone Installation

19.10.2020 PDF, 431 KB

How to Maintain and Clean Tips

19.10.2020 PDF, 145 KB

How to manage Smart Tips

19.10.2020 PDF, 146 KB

Medit Link User Guide PMRA

10.05.2021 PDF, 5 MB

Medit Scan Clinics User Guide

10.05.2021 PDF, 2 MB

TRIOS 4 Info Pack

19.10.2020 PDF, 5 MB

TRIOS Bite Info Pack v1.0

19.10.2020 PDF, 489 KB

TRIOS Training Checklist

19.10.2020 PDF, 102 KB


3Shape TRIOS POD Unboxing


iScan Settings PMRA

iScan V1.4 - Gypsum Models PMRA

iScan V1.4 - Reliability Map PMRA

iScan V1.4 - Smart Filtering Options PMRA

Medit i500 W1 Basic Functionalities PMRA

Medit i500 W2 Preparation for Intraoral Scanning PMRA

Medit i500 W3 Video Intraoral Scan Strategy PMRA

Medit i500 W5 Edentulous Scan Strategy PMRA

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