Esthetic restorations

Let your patients enjoy life with a beautiful smile.

Looking for state-of-the-art products that meet the increasing demand for esthetic implant-borne restorations? Long-term outcomes that meet the highest demands are strongly influenced by components that were designed for a highly esthetic natural look and proper management, health and maintenance of the soft tissues. We have the portfolio that will support you in achieving and maintaining your patients’ beautiful smiles. 

  • Innovation

    Meet the increasing esthetic demands expressed by your patients and offer them innovative treatment options.

  • Quality

    Innovative materials and products based on Straumann’s exceptionally high standards in product development.

  • Evidence

    Proven and thoroughly tested materials that support fast osseointegration and successful soft tissue management.

  • Patient satisfaction

    A broad range of surgical and prosthetic options for every indication to achieve optimal results and high patient satisfaction.

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CI RD Straumann PUREbase

USLIT.1195 03.01.2020 PDF, 3 MB Download

Straumann PURE Casebook

NAMLIT 1100 01.12.2017 PDF, 378 KB Download

Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant System

USLIT 1193 01.03.2019 PDF, 931 KB Download

Straumann® PUREbase

USLIT 1234 01.04.2019 PDF, 1 MB Download

Straumann® PUREloc Retentive System for Hybrid Dentures

Basic Information
USLIT.1355 14.01.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download
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