Materials of the Straumann® Dental Implant System 

For every indication and every need.

Looking for the long-term proven standard, exceptional strength for reduced invasiveness* or metal-free esthetics? In addition to our ground-breaking implant surfaces, we also offer a unique portfolio of different dental implant materials. For every indication and the patient’s specific needs and requirements, you can choose between Roxolid® or zirconia.


*If guided bone regeneration can be avoided. 

Straumann® Roxolid®

More than solid – Roxolid®. Reducing invasiveness*.

Roxolid® is a high-performance alloy composed of approximately 15 % zirconium and 85 % titanium, specifically designed by Straumann for use in implant dentistry. It features high tensile strength and excellent osseointegration capabilities, making it the material of choice for reduced invasiveness*. Its properties allow for greater confidence and more treatment options through the placement of reduced diameter implants, especially in cases where bone augmentation can be avoided. 

  • Strength

    Higher mechanical strength compared to titanium.1

  • Preservation

    Preserves vital structures and less invasive grafting procedures.2

  • Flexibility

    More treatment options with smaller implants.

  • Osseointegration

    The excellent osseointegration properties of Roxolid® implants in combination with our SLActive® surface  leads to reduced treatment complexity.

  • Patient acceptance

    Less invasive treatment plans (= faster healing and less post-operative discomfort) can help to overcome many patient concerns.

  • Evidence

    The successful use of Roxolid® has been documented with up to 5-year follow-ups.3

  • Peace of Mind

    Special conditions for Roxolid® implants: Straumann® Lifetime+ Guarantee.

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High-performance Zirconia

Engineered to outperform the gold standard.

For our Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant system, we use high-performance zirconia ceramic, a simply stronger implant material. The innovative manufacturing process is followed by a 100% proof test where forces are applied that exceed the maximum human bite capability, and only implants that pass this test leave the production site. The successful use of Straumann® PURE Ceramic implants has been documented in numerous clinical indications. 

  • Strength

    High-performance zirconia ceramic (Y-TZP) with higher fatigue strength than grade 4 titanium implants.4,5

  • Reliability

    A 100% proof test is executed in which every single Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant is tested mechanically before leaving the production site.

  • Performance

    Excellent clinical performance with 97.5 % survival and success rates after three years.6

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