Medit i700 & i700W intraoral scanner

Scanning reimagined

Imagine how digital dentistry can change the life of you, your patients, and your lab partners.

Get the power to take your practice to the next level!

Through innovation and customer care, we drive the digital dentistry revolution. We believe that through addition of advanced scanning technology to digital dentistry, we are giving dentists the tools they need to provide better care to their patients.

Medit i700: Unleash your clinic's potential

Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both the dentist and patient. With both powerful hardware and intelligent software, the full-feature Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic’s full potential.

Better for patients, easier for dentists

  • Stable & Speedy

    Up to 70 FPS

  • Compact & Light


  • UV-C LED Disinfection

    Lower risk of contamination inside the handpiece

  • Reversible Tip

    No need to twist your wrist for maxillary scans

  • Detachable cable

    Better mobility & maintenance

  • Remote control

    Conveniently check scan data from the scanner itself and prevent cross-contamination

Medit i700 Wireless: Magic made easy with a simple touch

Free from wires, scanning is comfortable at any angle. Scan proximal areas effortlessly without constraints in movement.

Enjoy the fast speed of the i700 wirelessly, flawlessly.

  • No wire, no hassle

    High-speed wireless connection. With 60 GHz Wireless Technology

  • The Best Battery Life Ever

    All-Day-Scan-with-Single-Battery. 1 hour of continuous scanning, up to 8 hours in standby mode

  • Supercharged Yet Light

    Outstanding weight balance even with a battery attached for added comfort.

Discover your intraoral scanner

Watch video

Powerful hardware meets versatile software

  • Scan with free intelligent features and apps specialized for your dental procedures.
  • Improve consultation experience with your patient to provide better treatment options.
  • Enhance your communication with labs through a real time cloud-based system.

Connect to Any Device, Easily, Anywhere

Begin your clinic’s data management with Medit Link

  • Dashboard

  • Workflow Management

  • Cloud Service

  • Patients Communication

Don't just scan.

Analyze data, create restorations and models, help your patients envision various types of treatment, and answer the burning question — does the crown fit well?

Medit Creator

  • Design

  • Model Builder

  • Temporaries

Medit Consultation

  • Smile Design

  • Ortho Simulation

Medit Analysis

  • Occlusion Analyzer

  • Crown Fit

Medit Toolkit

  • DCM Converter

  • Calibration Wizard

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