Jason® membrane

Mastering performance. Pericardium membrane

The Jason® membrane is a native collagen membrane obtained from porcine pericardium, developed and manufactured for dental tissue regeneration. The advantageous biomechanical and biological properties of the natural pericardium are preserved during the production process.

Features and benefits

Native collagen structure preserved during the production process

High tensile strength due to the biomechanical properties of the pericardium. Allows a wide range of fixation methods, including pinning and suturing, despite the low thickness of only ~ 0.15 mm.

Slow degradation time due to the natural honeycomb-like and multi-layered collagen structure with an increased content of collagen type III

The resulting prolonged barrier function makes the membrane the recommended choice particularly for large augmentative procedures.

Low thickness of only 0.15 mm

Facilitates soft tissue manipulation, particularly in challenging thin biotypes.

Easy handling and application

Can be cut to shape and size in dry or wet conditions. Does not stick to itself and to instruments. Can be easily repositioned, if needed. Exceptional adaptability to surface contour after rehydration.

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