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High-density PTFE membrane

permamem® is an exceptionally thin, non-resorbable, biologically inert and biocompatible membrane made of high-density poly- tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). permamem® maintains its structural characteristics both during the initial implantation and over time. Due to its dense structure the membrane acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and may therefore be left in place for open healing in certain indications.

Features and benefits


permamem® is a 100% synthetic barrier membrane, thus any risk for disease transmission can be excluded.

Impervious to bacteria

The membrane is composed of biologically inert, high-density PTFE, which acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and may therefore be used for open healing in socket and ridge preservation.

Space maintaining properties

The form stability of permamem® facilitates handling, and allows its use as a space provider for the regeneration of the underlying defect without spontaneous collapse of the membrane and the overlying soft tissue.

Easy handling and application

Easy handling thanks to its thin character (thickness ~ 0.08 mm). In open healing procedures, permamem® may easily be removed after the desired healing time with a pair of tweezers. The rounded edges of the membrane avoid traumatization of the soft tissue.

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