Straumann® Blueprint

Planning with growth in mind

  • Are you looking to increase the quality and quantity of implant cases in your practice?
  • Are you wanting to utilize digital technology to help you and your staff work more efficiently?
  • Are you hoping to improve the communication between the specialist and restorative offices and staff?  

If you are, then Straumann Blueprint is the program for you.  

With Blueprint, the Host Surgeon creates a private digitally based treatment planning program with an expert Speaker to enhance communication between surgical and restorative offices and the lab, while helping all clinicians and staff raise their dental IQ in straightforward to advanced cases to effectively treatment plan and efficiently complete more cases.  

Program Goals

  • Raise the level of your treatment planning skills and utilize digital technology for greater efficiencies
  • Improve communication between the offices and staff of the surgeon, restorative dentist and lab for a better patient experience
  • Enhance the quality and quantity of cases in your practice to impact on patient’s lives

Program Key Points

  • Host Surgeon and their team run the program
  • Blueprint Speaker will lead the group discussions
  • Digitally capable Lab will join and be an active partner, while helping manage the treatment planning portion of the program
  • 20 Hours of CE in 3-4 Sessions
  • Restorative Dentists will be asked to bring actual cases for the group to treatment plan together
  • Programs are most effective in person, but hybrid or virtual programs are available if required

Attendees Testimonials

Jordan Collins, Director of Operations, Dentist

Jordan Collins, Director of Operations, Dentist

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