Esthetic Days 2023 - Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The Straumann Registration Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to all participants and registrants of the International Esthetic Days in Baden-Baden (the “Event”) organised by Institut Straumann AG, Peter Merian-Weg 12, CH 4052 Basel, Switzerland and its affiliates in the Straumann Group (“Straumann”) and its third-party partners.  Please read and review these Terms carefully before accessing or using this Event registration website (hereafter the “Website”). By accessing or using this Website and registering to the Event, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, you may not access or use the Website or register to the Event.

2. Registration and Account

To register to the Event, a personal account linked to you will be created. You will have to provide certain personal information related to you, which you warrant are accurate and complete. Mandatory fields will be marked as such through a dedicated symbol. You agree to provide such information and to keep it accurate and complete. You also agree that you will create, access, and/or use only one personal account and you will not share access to your account or its credentials with any third party, unless approved by Straumann. The processing of your personal data hereunder is subject to the Privacy Notice of the Straumann Group which can be accessed at any time on the Website.

Use of the Website shall only be done in compliance with these Terms, the Straumann Group Privacy Notice and applicable laws. Access and use of this Website and registration to the Event is reserved to healthcare professionals or their administrative and support staff and is strictly prohibited for individuals under the age of 18.

3. Event Organization

The Event is organized by Straumann. BCO Congresos Barcelona has been entrusted by Straumann with the management of certain aspects of the Event such as the registration Website and collection of payments, event venue, food and additional services.

Regarding the booking of accommodations, Straumann does not organize and commercialize such services. Accommodations and related services have to be booked separately by participants or registrants directly with accommodation providers. Such bookings are subject to the relevant accommodation providers’ terms and conditions and privacy notices. BCO Congresos is the Event’s preferred partner to book accommodations, however participants and registrants are free to contract with other providers should they so wish.

4. Registrations

Registrations happen on a first come, first serve basis. Registrations will be acknowledged by email upon receipt of payment and a valid personal postal and email address. Incomplete addresses or agency addresses will not be accepted and will result in the cancellation of the registration.

Individual Registrations: 

Registrations are for the individuals actually attending the Event and paying the registration fee. Registrations are non-transferable. The only changes to the registration which will be accepted following registration to the Event will be limited to correcting typos, updating the last name following an update of a registrant’s civil status or similar alterations. Such changes will be accepted up until 1 day prior to the Event by contacting, provided these Terms are fully complied with. Straumann reserves the right to refuse a name change if such change does not comply with these Terms. 

Group Registrations: 

Group Registrations are available upon request for more than two Event participants per registration. Following such request a dedicated registration link will be provided to the individual registering the participants (the “Group Leader”). Group Leader submitting registrations on behalf of Event participants are responsible for ensuring that such Event participants have been informed of the processing of their personal data according to the applicable Privacy Notice and these Terms and that they agreed to Group Leader submitting such personal data on their behalf. Group Leader shall keep Straumann and its third-party partners harmless from any damage in that respect according to section 10 and 14 below. Name changes are available to Group Leaders for participants belonging to such group registrations.

Name changes will be accepted up until 1 day prior to the Event by contacting, provided these Terms are fully complied with. Straumann reserves the right to refuse a name change if such change does not comply with these Terms. 

5. Fees

All registration fees are quoted in Euro (€). Payment in any other currency will not be accepted.

Invoices with an address in the European Union should be provided with a VAT Number. The invoicing address and VAT number can only be set up during the registration process.  

Registration fees are based on the date of receipt of the registration request. The prices indicated are only applicable if both the registration request and payment are received before midnight, Central European Time (GMT +1), on the relevant registration deadline date, otherwise, the higher registration fee will be applied.

6. Payment

Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) can be made through the online services on our secured server. In case of additional payments for extra orders or adjustments, a secured payment link will be sent by email.

7. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Individual Registrations:

Cancellation by Straumann – 100% refund

Cancellation by the participant by June 30, 2023  – 100% refund

Cancellation by the participant by July 31, 2023 - 50% refund

All cancellations as of August 20, 2023 are non-refundable.

All cancellations must be made in writing by email to

Group Registrations:

Cancellation by Straumann – 100% refund

Cancellation by Group Leader or Event participants: Tickets purchased as part of a group registration cannot be cancelled and are wholly non-refundable.


Straumann reserves the right to cancel the Event or the registration up to 24 hours prior to the Event date. 

Refunds will not be made for no-shows to the Event or late cancellation of attendance as per the rules of this section. 

Refunds will not be made for rejected visa applications if the application was not made at least 8 weeks before the Event and subject to the provision of  an official document from the relevant embassy rejecting such visa application to Straumann via email to Rejected visa applications must be communicated to  Straumann immediately. Notification of rejections of visa applications after the Event date will not be accepted and no refund will be provided. 

All refunds will be processed after the Event within 60 days. This refund will be made using the same means of payment as that used by the Participant for the initial transaction, unless the participant expressly agrees that another means of payment may be used.

8. Conditions of access to the Event

If In the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, participants and registrants acknowledge and accept that access to the Event may be contingent upon presentation of specific documents, including a health pass or a vaccination pass. If competent authorities impose restrictions on the access to the Event, such as the obligation to wear appropriate masks, Straumann reserves the right to refuse access to any participant who does not meet the conditions in effect. In such cases, no refund shall be provided.

9. Modification or Termination

Straumann may add, change or remove features or requirements of the Website and the Event. To the extent allowed by applicable law, Straumann may also suspend or stop part or all of the Website or Event at its discretion. Straumann reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Event at its discretion at any time. Straumann also reserves the right to change the Event format from onsite to virtual at its discretion.
In such cases, the above cancellation policy would apply to the Event you have registered to.
Straumann may rescind or cancel a registration to the Event at its discretion at any time if the registrant or the participant violates these Terms, and more particularly the section relating to unauthorized use and participant conduct at the Event. In such case no refund will be provided.
In case of force majeure events which are beyond Straumann’s reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, terrorist acts, shortage of supply, breakdowns or malfunctions, interruptions or malfunction of computer facilities, or loss of data due to power failures or mechanical difficulties with information storage or retrieval systems, labour difficulties, war, or civil unrest, epidemics and pandemics, Straumann reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event without notice or compensation. The foregoing shall comprise governmental or administrative covid-19 measures in the form of administrative closure of the Event venue or limitation of its capacity.  In such instances, Straumann reserves all rights to either retain the full registration fees and to use it for a future Event, or to reimburse the participant in full after deduction of the non-recoverable organisational Event costs already incurred.

10. Academic Credit

Attendance to the Event may grant academic credits.  Event participants shall register such credit claiming request directly with the academic credit institution directly.  The credit claiming criteria and modalities will be communicated separately to Event participants up until 1 day before the Event.

11. Visa Requirements

The participant is solely responsible for taking care of visa requirements and formalities, including allowing sufficient time for such visa application process. Straumann and its third party partners will not directly contact embassies or other governmental entities on behalf of participants. Any and all expenses relating to the visa application process are to be borne by the participant.
Participants who have registered and paid the registration fees in full may request an electronic invitation letter issued by BCO Congresos on behalf of Straumann on the Website. Original invitation letters are sent only upon request by express courier. Shipment costs must be borne entirely by the participant.

12. Photography and Filming Disclaimer

By attending the Event, you acknowledge that Straumann and authorised third parties may record or make film, photographs, visual or sound recordings, edit and use footage captured at the Event and may to use, reproduce and distribute such recordings for marketing, promotional activities (incl. social media), research and educational purposes and for any other legitimate purpose in the ordinary course of its business. Such use of participants’ likeness or recording shall not entitle such participants to remuneration, compensation or royalties of any kind.  Insofar as legally allowed, by registering to the Event, participants and registrants waive their legal rights to pursue any cause of action against Straumann related to such use of the recordings.  If participants do not wish to be filmed or recorded, please see the Straumann Event team at the registration desk at the Event.
Due to the prevalence of mobile recording devices in today’s world, the Straumann disclaims all liability for the capture of your image or likeness in any multimedia format by other attendees at the event.

13. Liability

Straumann and its third-party partners shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from your access to, or inability to access, this Website, the Event or from your use of, or reliance on, this Website or any information provided on this Website.
Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties, so the foregoing disclaimer may only partially apply to you.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Straumann’s maximum aggregate liability to you for any claim that you may have against Straumann shall be limited to the amount of Event registration fees paid as laid out in the cancellation policy.

14. Website Terms of Use

All content of, and software used on, this Website is owned or controlled by Straumann or its suppliers and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws internationally. Straumann grants you a limited and restricted license to access, view and download content only for your personal, non-commercial use. No modification or further reproduction of the content is permitted. The content may not otherwise be copied or used in any way without the prior express permission of Straumann.
The information provided here is general in nature and is not a substitute for medical or dental care, and is not intended as medical or dental care. If you have or suspect you – or others - have a medical, dental or other health problem, you should consult your health care professional. If applicable, treating doctors should read the package insert of any products ordered prior to use.
Straumann will use reasonable efforts to include up-to-date and accurate information on this Website, but makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the availability, accuracy, currentness, or completeness of this Website, its information or its contents.
This Website may provide links or references to other sites and may be accessed by links from third party Websites over which Straumann has no control. Straumann has no responsibility for the content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content or that access. Any links to other sites are provided as merely a convenience to the users of this Website. Straumann reserves the right to delete, modify or supplement the content, links or references of this site at any time, for any reason, without notification.
Products referred to on this Website may not be licensed for sale in all jurisdictions. Any offer of any product made on this Website is void where prohibited. Please contact your local Straumann representative for a full and current listing of products available in your particular market.
Portrayals of persons shown on the Website or at the Event are for purposes of illustration onIy. These individuals are not actual users of, or patients who have received treatment with, Straumann products, unless otherwise specifically stated. All product names, whether or not appearing in large print or with the trademark symbol, are trademarks of Straumann, its affiliates, related companies or its licensors or joint venture partners, unless otherwise noted.

15. Unauthorized Uses

You shall not violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law or breach any of Your contractual obligations. You shall not share Your account credentials with any third parties or cause Your account to be put at risk.  You shall not infringe the rights of third parties and respect their privacy.
You further agree:
Ø  Not to disseminate data that has the effect of diminishing, disrupting, slowing down or interrupting the normal operation of the Website;
Ø  Not to violate or attempt to violate the security or the integrity of the Website, to communicate any misleading information, to use the information collected via the Website for illicit purposes;
Ø  Not to carry out qualitatively or quantitatively substantial extractions, including any type of data collection operation aimed at the Website;
Ø  Not to attempt to commit any act of counterfeiting against third parties, by any means whatsoever;
Ø  Not to misuse the purpose of the Website to commit crimes, offenses or contraventions punishable under any law;
Ø  Not to seek to impair the technical processing systems implemented for the needs of the Website, including but not limited to by sending viruses, malware, overloading or spamming.
Ø  Not to reproduce, transfer, sell, resell, or otherwise misuse any content from Website
Ø  Not to break or circumvent implemented authentication or security measures or test the vulnerability of our systems or networks.  You are prohibited to try to reverse engineer any portion of the Website.
Ø  That you will not encourage or help anyone do any of the above.

16. Participant Conduct at the Event

In addition to the above section relating to Unauthorized Uses, you further agree to conduct yourself in a courteous and professional way at the Event. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, including inappropriate language, comments and behaviour, in person or by electronic communications (such as social media) such as:
Ø  Profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language or containing real or implied violence
Ø  Attacks or comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse individuals/groups
Ø  Discriminatory comments of any type regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs
Ø  Content or comments with sexual references
Other inappropriate conduct at the Event includes:
Ø  Discussions of illegal activities
Ø  Intent to collect private information without disclosure
Ø  Copyright and intellectual property violations
Ø  Political content or debates
Ø  Content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information
Ø  Promotion of private courses/events/congresses/study clubs/webinars/educational offering where the Straumann Group is not part of the organization or sponsoring.
Ø  Dissemination of non-anonymized patient case information or without appropriate consent.
Inappropriate behaviour in violation of this policy can be reported to the Straumann Event staff or by email at

17. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Straumann from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses, and damages attributable to You, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, made by any third party related to your use or attempted use of the Website in violation of these Terms, applicable laws and Your violation of third party rights.

18. Data Protection

In the context of the organization and management of the Event, Straumann and its third-party partners bound by appropriate data protection agreements will collect and process certain personal data regarding the participants and registrants. Straumann’s overall Privacy Notice (available at: Privacy notice ( shall apply to any such processing of personal data. Additional provisions specific to the Event will be provided to and acknowledged by registrants and participants during the registration process.

19. Intellectual property and Patents

Straumann products may be covered by one or more US patents, or their equivalents in other countries, listed in the Patent Marking Document. Additionally, Straumann products may be protected by patents that cover a certain product in combination with one or more other products. Purchase of an original Straumann product includes a license to combine that product with other original Straumann products as part of a patented combination. Such license does not extend to combinations with non-Straumann products.
Without express authorization from Straumann, purchasers of patented original Straumann products are prohibited from re-selling these products other than to patients (or as permitted by compulsory law), and are also prohibited from exporting original Straumann products.
Notwithstanding other available legal remedies, Straumann reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, disable, or terminate the accounts of registrants or participants who infringe or are suspected to infringe the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of Straumann, its partners and other Users.

20. Revision of the Terms

Straumann reserves the right to revise these Terms at its sole discretion at any time. Any such revisions to the Terms will be effective immediately upon uploading on the Website. For any material changes to the Terms, Straumann will take reasonable steps to notify you of such changes through the use of a method at its own discretion, including but not limited to a banner on the Website. Your continued use of the Website after publication of such changes, whether such changes were notified or not, constitutes binding acceptance of the revised Terms.
If it turns out that a particular provision of these Terms is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms contained therein.
Failure to act on your breach of these Terms shall not be construed as meaning that Straumann will relinquish any right that it may have, including acting upon it in the future.

21.   Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and any conflict that may arise from them will be governed by the laws of Switzerland and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Basel, Switzerland.