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Transforming More Patients' Lives

Now more than ever, your patients are looking to increase their quality of life. They want immediate results and are aware of their treatment options.  What does this mean for you? There are Over 35 million1 partial and fully edentulous patients in North America alone and less than 1% of those patients are being treated each year. That means you have an opportunity to grow your practice faster and more efficiently with Straumann® Pro Arch, powered by Straumann® BLX. 

Straumann® Pro Arch four stage approach for immediate fixed full arch solutions:

Get Started:

Treating more patients with full arch 

Plan and Produce Your Case:

Creating efficiency through digital solutions 

The Power of BLX:

Leveraging a unique* implant system 

Restore with Confidence:

Simplifying the connection 

Get Started:

Treating more patients with full arch

Identify the Opportunity 

Any patient with impaired dentition is an opportunity for a Pro Arch restoration and a chance for you to change that patient's quality of life. The process starts with your staff identifying that opportunity.

Building Confidence

Straumann's Mini Residency Programs can help train your staff on how to present this life changing treatment to your patients. 

Develop your Skills

From boot-camps to hands-on training, develop your technique through over 150 local and national full arch education programs featuring local experts. Visit:

Patient Counsel

To help your patient commit to a Pro Arch restoration, choose from a robust amount of patient focused materials including video animations, models and handouts that will make them feel at ease. 

Plan and Produce Your Case:

Creating efficiency through digital solutions


By offering you a digitally integrated workflow, Straumann® digital solutions helps you increase your efficiency in the planning and placement of implants. This solution helps you grow your patient acceptance, simplifies ordering and inventory and saves chair time.

The Power of BLX:

Leveraging an unique implant system

The Straumann® BLX implant is unique in design due to specific combination of the dual threads, bi-directional cutting, Roxolid®, Straumann® SLActive® surface technology, and one connection platform for all restorative components.

Restore with Confidence:

Simplifying the connection 

No matter what implant is required for the surgery, you have the right abutment on hand. Straumann's one connection simplifies inventory management for the restorative clinician and team. 

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