• Creating new paths in dental implantology.

  • Ingenuity fully driven by prosthetics

    Axiom® Multi Level® implant solution

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  • New titanium additive suprastructures for personalized plural prostheses

    Simeda® Additive

  • Let yourself be guided in all serenity

    INITIAL Guided Surgery

Welcome to Anthogyr

We are a French dental implants expert based in the Mont Blanc valley. Thanks to innovation & creativity, we provide a complete range of implants, instruments and digital solutions to support dental health professionals.

Axiom® Bone Level
Endosseous implant designed for biological integration 

Creating new paths in dental implantology.

Experts in the medical field for more than 70 years, Anthogyr designs and manufactures an ingenious and complete range of implant solutions to support dental health professionals in restoring their patient’s life to freedom.

Our approach is completely driven by prosthetics and the final success of implant treatments. Ingenious and agile, we assist implantologists and labs in their every day dental challenges. 

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