Axiom® TL prosthetic line
One kit for all prosthetic restorations

Axiom® TL prosthetic line

The Axiom® TL prosthetic line is screw-retained and CAD/CAM-oriented to promote biological safety. The Axiom® TL implant presents a double connection and 2 platforms, N and R.

For single-unit restorations, dental laboratories have the choice between Simeda® high quality customized restorations or labside solutions on Flexibase®.

For multiple screw-retained restorations on Axiom® TL, dental laboratories have a wide variety of solutions: Multi-Unit abutments, Flexibase® directly on Axiom® TL implants or on Multi-Unit abutments, or inLink® connection for Simeda® restoration without an intermediate abutment.

  • The Axiom® TL N/4.0 and R/4.8 platforms are identifiable by color code or laser markings.

  • UNIQUE ! Axiom® TL and Axiom® BL compatible Multi-Unit ancillaries and secondary components.

  • Temporary abutments, straight or angled, for soft tissue preparation.

  • Complete laboratory kit with components for the preparation of a temporary or permanent prosthesis.

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