Annual General Meeting

The 2022 Annual General Meeting took place:

On April 5, 2022 in line with COVID-19 Ordinance 3 of the Swiss Federal Council, the AGM was held without the physical presence of the shareholders.

Due to the ongoing tense situation in the fight against the coronavirus, the Board of Directors has decided to hold the Annual General Meeting of Straumann Holding AG without physical participation of the shareholders (based on Article 27 of the COVID-19 Ordinance 3 of the Swiss Federal Council).

The Straumann shareholders approved all the proposals put forward by the Board of Directors.

The shareholders approved the following:

  • The Management Report, the Annual Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statements for the 2021 business year.
  • The Compensation Report for the 2021 business year, in a consultative vote.
  • The appropriation of earnings and dividend payment for the 2021 business year: CHF 107 million for the dividend with a balance of approximately CHF 1.4 billion carried forward. The approved dividend corresponds to CHF 6.75 per share, which is a 17% increase on the previous year. The dividend will be paid net of 35% withholding tax as of 11 April 2022. 
  • The ex-dividend date is 7 April 2022. The shareholders also approved a ten to one share split which will be executed April 20, 2022. 
  • Discharge of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management for the 2021 business year. 
  • The fixed compensation of the Board of Directors collectively for the next term in a maximum amount of CHF 2.7 million, which is paid in cash and shares. Shares are granted at market value of the date of grant and are blocked for 2 years. 
  • The compensation of the Executive Management, including: a total fixed compensation of CHF 9.7 million for the period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, a long-term variable compensation at grant value of CHF 3.8 million for the current 2022 business year, and a short-term variable compensation in the amount of CHF 5.6 million for the 2021 business year. The re-election of Gilbert Achermann as Member and Chairman of the Board, as well as Marco Gadola, Juan José Gonzalez, Dr Beat Lüthi, Petra Rumpf, Dr h.c. Thomas Straumann and Regula Wallimann as Board Members – each for a term of one year. Nadia Tarolli Schmidt was elected as a new Board Member for a term of one year. Dr Sebastian Burkhardt decided not to stand for re-election. On behalf of the shareholders and the company, the Chair thanked him for his many contributions and wished him all the best for the future. 
  • The re-election of Dr Beat Lüthi, Regula Wallimann and Juan José Gonzalez and the election of Nadia Tarolli Schmidt to the Human Resources & Compensation Committee for a term of one year. 
  • The re-election of Neovius AG in Basel as the independent voting representative for a term of one year.
  • The re-election of Ernst & Young AG, Basel, as auditors for the 2022 business year. 


  • Ex date: 7 April 2022
  • Payment date: 11 April 2022
  • Share split date: 20 April 2022

2022 Annual General Meeting

The next ordinary general meeting of Straumann’s shareholders will be convened on 5 April 2023 at the Basel Congress Center.

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