Information policy

Straumann is committed to a policy of open, transparent and continuous information. In accordance with the rules of the SIX Swiss Exchange, Straumann publishes detailed sales figures on a quarterly basis as well as annual and half-yearly reports. Detailed information is provided at the Shareholders’ General Meeting, and the minutes are published on the company’s website. Where necessary or appropriate, the Group also publishes additional information on significant events. The CEO, CFO, the Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations are responsible for communication with investors and representatives of the financial community, media and other stakeholders.

In addition to personal contacts, discussions, and presentations in Europe, North America and Asia, Straumann held four quarterly financial results conferences for the media and analysts in 2017, two of which were teleconferences. On average, each event was attended by more than 70 participants on-site or by conference call. The conferences were transmitted via audio webcast and/or traditional conference call. In addition, Straumann’s CEO and CFO attended 2 sector- specific and 6 general equity conferences.

As in the prior year, the company organized corporate governance meetings with the Chairman and the Head of Compensation Committee and conducted video conference roadshows in order to reduce carbon emissions and travel expenses.

Research analysts from 19 banks/national institutions cover developments at the Straumann Group and are listed here.

Apart from this, the Group frequently publishes media releases, briefing documents, and videos, which are archived and available at Media relations. The company offers a media release subscription service and takes care to ensure that investor-relevant releases are circulated broadly and in a timely manner according to the rules of the SIX Swiss Exchange and with due regard for the principles of fair disclosure. The company does not update its releases, reports and presentations, which means that the information they contain is only valid at the time of publication. The Group advises against relying on past publications for current information.

Annual report & Compensation report

Straumann’s Annual Report is a key instrument for communicating with various stakeholder groups. It is published in English (with a summary in German) in hard copy (with the Financial Report as a separate volume) and electronically on the company’s website, where it can also be downloaded. The Compensation Report is issued as part of the Annual Report and can be downloaded from the company’s website.

Printed versions of the Compensation Report and full Annual Report can be ordered from:


Auszug aus dem Geschäftsbericht 2017

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05.03.2018 PDF, 9 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Annual & Financial Report

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02.03.2018 PDF, 14 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Annual Report

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15.02.2018 PDF, 12 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 AR: Letter to Shareholders

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15.02.2018 PDF, 242 KB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Compensation Report

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15.02.2018 PDF, 1 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Corporate Governance

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15.02.2018 PDF, 1 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Financial Report

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15.02.2018 PDF, 1 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Management Commentary

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15.02.2018 PDF, 3 MB Download

Straumann Group 2017 Performance Highlights

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15.02.2018 PDF, 1 MB Download

Media used for reporting purposes

  • The company’s website is
  • The company’s journal of record is the ‘Schweizerisches Handelsamtsblatt’ (SHAB – Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce).

Further information requests should be addressed to:

Investor Relations:
Tel. +41 61 965 16 78

Corporate Communication:
Tel. +41 61 965 11 11