External auditors

The Shareholders’ General Meeting elects and appoints the Group’s external auditors on an annual basis. In April 2023, Ernst & Young AG, Basel (EY), was re-elected as auditor of Straumann Holding AG for a tenth term of one year. The auditor in charge is Fabian Meier, Swiss Certified Public Accountant, who took over the mandate from Martin Mattes in 2023.

Information instruments pertaining to the external audit

EY presents to the Audit & Risk Committee a detailed report on the conduct of the Financial Statements audit, the findings on significant financial accounting and reporting issues together with the findings on the internal control system. In 2023, EY participated in two Audit & Risk Committee meetings including sessions with the Audit & Risk Committee without the Group’s management being present. The Audit & Risk Committee assesses the effectiveness of the work of the external auditors in accordance with Swiss law, based on their understanding of the Group’s business, control, accounting and reporting issues, together with the way in which matters significant at Group level or in the statutory accounts are identified and resolved. The Audit & Risk Committee is also informed on the work of the external auditors through regular briefing of its Chair. Audit fees are ultimately approved by the Audit & Risk Committee. EY’s independence is ensured by limiting EY from providing certain non-audit services. The Group has a formal policy governing the engagement of the external auditors for non-audit services of which limits for certain permitted other services are agreed by the Audit & Risk Committee. Each potential non-audit service engagement is reviewed against this policy before any authority to proceed is given.

The worldwide fees paid to the auditors are outlined in the table below.

Worldwide fees (in CHF 1'000) 31 Dec 2023
31 Dec 2022
Total audit fees 1 636 1'471
Tax consultancy 52 16
Transaction services 0 116
Other services 87 0
Total non-audit fees 139 132
TOTAL 1'775 1'603