External auditors

The Shareholders’ General Meeting elects and appoints the Group’s external auditors on an annual basis. In April 2018, Ernst& Young AG, Basel, was re-elected as auditor of Straumann Holding AG for a fifth term of one year. The auditor in charge is Daniel Zaugg, Swiss Certified Public Accountant, who took over the mandate in 2014. The current cycle for Daniel Zaugg finishes in 2020.

The Board of Directors supervises the external auditors through the Audit Committee, which met five times in 2018. The external auditors participated in two of these meetings, to discuss the scope, the audit plan and the auditors’ conclusion of the financial report. Details of the instruments that assist the Board in obtaining information on the activities of the external auditors are on pp. 96 f of the Annual Report 2018.

Worldwide fees 31 Dec 2017
(in CHF 1 000)
31 Dec 2018
(in CHF 1 000)
Total audit fees 931 1'050
Tax consultancy 0 21
Transaction services 421 186
Other services 42 51
Total non-audit fees 463 258
TOTAL 1'394 1'308