Group structure


The principles and rules of the Straumann Group’s corporate governance are laid down in the Articles of Association, the Organizational Regulations, the Code of Conduct, the charters of the Board Committees (see > Investor Relations > Corporate Government) and various internal policies, e.g. on quality, IT, internal information and suppliers as well as employee regulations. They are the basis of the Group’s corporate governance disclosures, which comply with the Directive on Information relating to corporate governance published by the SIX Swiss Exchange, where Straumann’s shares have been traded since the company’s initial public offering in 1998.

Group structure and shareholders

The Straumann Group is headquartered in Basel. Its products and services are sold in more than 100 countries through its various distribution subsidiaries and third-party distributors (worldwide locations). The subsidiary management is responsible for managing the local daily business. As laid down in the Organizational Regulations, the respective Regional Sales Head, the CFO and the General Counsel are usually members of the supervisory body of the subsidiaries. Details of the Group’s business segments can be found in Note 5 of the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements on p. 149.

Name Location Interest and voting rights 2018 (in %)
Straumann Holding AG Basel, Switzerland CHF 100
   Institut Straumann AG Basel, Switzerland CHF 100
      Straumann Italia Srl Milan, Italy EUR 100
      Instradent Italia Srl Milan, Italy EUR 100
      Equinox Implants LLP Mumbai, India INR 100
   Equinox Dental AG Basel, Switzerland CHF 100
   Straumann Villeret SA Villeret, Switzerland CHF 100
   Instradent AG Basel, Switzerland CHF 100
       Straumann Middle East PJS Tehran, Republic of Iran IRR 100
       Createch Medical S.L.U. Mendaro, Spain EUR 100
       Createch Institute A.E.I.E. Mendaro, Spain EUR 100
       T-Plus Implant Tech. Co. Ltd. New Taipei City TWD 58
   Straumann Holding Deutschland GmbH Freiburg, Germany EUR 100
      Straumann GmbH Freiburg, Germany EUR 100
      etkon GmbH Gräfelfing, Germany EUR 100
      Medentika GmbH  Hügelsheim, Germany EUR 51
      Medentika CNC GmbH  Hügelsheim, Germany EUR 48
   Straumann GmbH Vienna, Austria EUR 100
   Straumann Ltd Crawley, UK GBP 100
   Instradent Ltd Crawley, UK GBP 100
   Manohay Dental SA Madrid, Spain EUR 100
   Straumann SAS. Marne-La-Vallée, France EUR 100
   Straumann AB Mölndal, Sweden SEK 100
   Biora AB Malmö, Sweden SEK 100
   Straumann AS Oslo, Norway NOK 100
   Straumann Danmark Aps Brøndby, Denmark DKK 100
   Straumann Oy Helsinki, Finland EUR 100
   Straumann SA/NV Zaventem, Belgium EUR 100
   Straumann BV Ijsselstein, Netherlands EUR 100
      JJGC Indústria e Comércio de Materiais Dentários S.A. (Neodent) Curitiba, Brazil BRL 100
   Straumann LLC Moscow, Russia RUB 100
   Instradent LLC Moscow, Russia RUB 100
   Straumann SRO Prague, Czech Republic CZK 100
Batigroup Dental Diş Ürünleri Ticaret AŞ Ankara, Turkey TRY 70
Straumann Group South Africa (PTY) LTD Somerset West, South Africa ZAR 100
   Straumann Manufacturing, Inc Andover, USA USD 100
      Straumann USA, LLC Andover, USA USD 100
      ClearCorrect Holdings, Inc . Round Rock, USA USD 100
         ClearCorrect Operating LLC Round Rock, USA USD 100
      Loop Digital Soultions, LLC Lincoln, USA USD 100
   Instradent USA, Inc. Andover, USA USD 100
   Straumann Canada Ltd Burlington, Canada CAD 100
  M.I.S. Implants Canada Inc. Burlington, Canada CAD 100
   Dental Wings Inc. Montreal, Canada CAD 100
      Dental Wings GmbH Chemnitz, Germany EUR 100
      Dental Wings Hong Kong Ltd Hong Kong HKD 100
         Shenzhen Dental Wings Company Limited Shenzhen, China CNY 90
   Manohay Colombia SAS Bogotá, Colombia COP 100
   Manohay Argentina SA Buenos Aires, Argentina ARS 100
   Manohay Mexico SA de CV México DF, Mexico MXN 100
   Manohay Chile SPA Santiago, Chile CLP 100
   Straumann Group Peru SA Lima, Peru PEN 100
   Straumann Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore SGD 100
   Straumann Pty Ltd Victoria, Australia AUD 100
      Straumann New Zealand Ltd Napier, New Zealand NZD 100
   Straumann Japan KK Tokyo, Japan JPY 100
      etkon Japan KK Shibayama, Japan JPY 100
   Straumann (Beijing) Medical Device Trading Co Ltd Beijing, China CNY 100
   Straumann Dental Korea Inc Seoul, Republic of Korea KRW 100
   Straumann Dental India Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, India INR 100
   STM Digital Dentistry Holding Ltd  Hong Kong HKD 49
      etkon Dental (Shenzen) Company Ltd Shenzen, China USD 49
   Straumann Group (Thailand) Limited Bangkok, Thailand Baht 100
Straumann Group (Taiwan) Co. Ltd. Taipei , Taiwan TWD 100
Straumann (China) Investment Company Limited Shanghai, China USD 100