Group structure

The Straumann Group is headquartered in Basel. Its products and services are sold in more than 100 countries through its various distribution subsidiaries and through third-party distributors (see worldwide locations). The subsidiary management is responsible for managing the local daily business. As laid down in the Organizational Regulations, the respective Regional Sales Head, the CFO and the Chief Legal Officer are usually members of the supervisory body of the subsidiaries. Details of the Group’s business segments can be found in Note 3.1 of the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements.  


Name Location Interest and voting rights 2023 (in %)
Anthogyr SAS Sallanches, France 100
   Anthogyr S.A. Mersch, Luxembourg 100
Batigroup Dental Diş Ürünleri Ticaret AŞ Ankara, Türkiye 100
Biora AB Malmö, Sweden 100
Dental Wings Inc. Montreal, Canada 100
   Dental Wings GmbH Chemnitz, Germany 100
   Dental Wings HK Limited Hong Kong, China 100
   DW Manufacturing Inc. Montreal, Canada 100
Equinox Dental AG Basel, Switzerland 100
etkon (Schweiz) AG Rheinfelden, Switzerland 100
GalvoSurge Dental AG Widnau, Switzerland 100
Institut Straumann AG Basel, Switzerland 100
  Straumann Software Centre India LLP Mumbai, India 100
   Straumann Italia Srl  Milan, Italy 100
Instradent AG Basel, Switzerland 100
   Createch Medical S.L.U. Mendaro, Spain 100
      Createch Institute A.E.I.E. Mendaro, Spain 100
   Straumann Middle East PJS Tehran, Iran 100
   T-Plus Implant Tech. Co. Ltd. New Taipei City, Taiwan 58.06
Instradent LLC Moscow, Russia 100
Manohay Argentina SA Buenos Aires, Argentina 100
Manohay Chile SPA Santiago, Chile 100
Manohay Colombia SAS Bogotá, Colombia 100
Manohay Dental SA Madrid, Spain 100
Manohay México SA de CV México DF, Mexico 100
Medical Technologies 21 LLC Moscow, Russia 100
Nihon Implant Co., Ltd Kyoto, Japan 85
SmileCo GmbH Berlin, Germany 100
   DrSmile BeNeLux B.V. Den Haag, Netherlands 100
   DrSmile Iberia SL Madrid, Spain 100
   DrSmile Polska sp.z o.o Warsaw, Poland 100
      PlusDental Poland sp.z o.o Wrocław, Poland 100
   DrSmile Sverige AB Stockholm, Sweden 100
   DZK Deutsche Zahnklinik GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany 100
   SmileCo Austria GmbH Linz, Austria 100
   SSS Services UK Limited London, UK 100
   Sunshine Smile GmbH Berlin, Germany  100
      Sunshine Smile Dental Technologies GmbH Berlin, Germany  100
      Sunshine Smile Patient Care & Services GmbH Berlin, Germany  100
      PlusDental Netherlands B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands 100
   Urban Technology GmbH Berlin, Germany 100
      DrSmile France SAS Marseille, France 100
      DrSmile Italia srl Milano, Italy 100
Straumann (Beijing) Medical Device Trading Co Ltd. Beijing, China 100
Straumann (China) Investment Company Limited Shanghai, China 100
   Ziyang Alliedstar Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Ziyang, China 51
        Shanghai Alliedstar Medical Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai, China 51
   Shanghai Shizhuolian Business Consulting Co., Ltd Shanghai, China 100
   Straumann (Shanghai) Medical Device Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China 100
   Lirui Medical Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited Shanghai, China 100
      3D ADD Medical Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Beijing, China 100
Straumann AB Mölndal, Sweden 100
Straumann AS Oslo, Norway 100
Straumann BV Ijsselstein, Netherlands 100
   JJGC Indústria e Comércio de Materiais Dentários S.A.  Curitiba, Brazil 100
      Smile factory S I e P LTDA. Curitiba, Brazil 100
      Smilink Serviços Ortodônticos Ltda. São Paulo , Brazil 100
      Yller Biomateriais S/A Pelotas, Brazil 100
Straumann Canada Ltd Burlington, Canada 100
Straumann Danmark Aps Brøndby, Denmark 100
Straumann Dental India LLP Mumbai, India 100
Straumann Dental Korea Inc Seoul, Republic of Korea 100
Straumann Dental s.r.l. Bucharest, Romania 100
Straumann Digital Planning Services (Private) Ltd Lahore, Pakistan 100
Straumann GmbH Vienna, Austria 100
Straumann Group & Clear Correct Singapore Pte Ltd. Singapore, Singapore 100
Straumann Group (Taiwan) Co. Ltd. Taipei, Taiwan 75
Straumann Group (Thailand) Limited Bangkok, Thailand 100
Straumann Group Adriatic d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia 100
Straumann Group Costa Rica S.A San José, Costa Rica 100
    Manohay Costa Rica Servicios y Exportación S.R.L. San José, Costa Rica 100
Straumann Group Peru SA Lima, Peru 100
Straumann Group SDN. BHD. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 100
Straumann Group South Africa (PTY) LTD Somerset West, South Africa 100
Straumann Holding Deutschland GmbH Freiburg, Germany 100
   etkon GmbH Gräfelfing, Germany 100
   Medentika GmbH Hügelsheim, Germany 100
      Abutment Direct Inc. Markham, Canada 50
    OxiMaTec GmbH Hochdorf, Germany 100
   Straumann GmbH Freiburg, Germany 100
   Straumann Services AG & Co. KG Freiburg, Germany 100
Straumann Indochina Co. Ltd Hanoi, Vietnam 100
Straumann Japan KK Tokyo, Japan 100
   etkon Japan KK Shibayama, Japan 100
Straumann Jordan PSC Amman, Jordan 49
Straumann Lithuania UAB Vilnius, Lithuania 100
    Straumann Estonia OÜ Tallinn, Estonia 100
    Straumann Latvia SIA Riga, Latvia 100
Straumann LLC Moscow, Russia 100
Straumann Ltd Crawley, UK 100
Straumann Manufacturing, Inc. Andover, USA 100
   Bay Materials LLC Fremont, USA 100
   ClearCorrect Holdings, Inc. Round Rock, USA 100
      ClearCorrect Operating, LLC Round Rock, USA 100
   Straumann USA, LLC Andover, USA 100
Straumann Oy Helsinki, Finland 100
Straumann Pty Ltd Port Melbourne, Australia 100
   Straumann New Zealand Ltd Napier, New Zealand 100
Straumann SA/NV Zaventem, Belgium 100
Straumann SAS Fontenay-sous-Bois, France 100
   SCI Alpina Immobilière Fontenay-sous-Bois, France 100
Straumann Services Spain SL Madrid, Spain 100
Straumann SRO Prague, Czech Republic 100
Straumann Villeret SA Villeret, Switzerland 100
   Straumann Manufacturing Pars PJS Tehran, Iran 100
Gravitonas UAB Vilnius, Lithuania 100