Artificial Intelligence


In April, we invested in Dental Monitoring (DM), a highly innovative company specialized in remote dental monitoring systems. DM’s technology enables dentists to monitor orthodontic treatments progress without the patient having to visit the practice. Using a smart phone, the patient uploads pictures of his/her teeth into DM’s system, which uses artifi cial intelligence to detect even minor changes. It then notifi es the dentist, allowing for timely intervention and effi cient treatment adjustments. In addition to avoiding unnecessary checkup visits, it can accelerate orthodontic treatments by identifying the point at which the patient is ready to progress to the next corrective step.

The system has been developed further to detecttooth decay and to monitor oral health in general. Artificial intelligence, could support the full spectrum of our activities including corrective, preventative, restorative and replacement dentistry, which is why DM is such a valuable partner.