Expanding sustainably

A company like ours cannot exist without continuity in production. Maintaining quality, ensuring availability, keeping in line with regulatory changes, and staying competitive are all areas where continuity is the expected norm. Beyond this, for 5 years we have experienced continued double-digit volume growth and have built capabilities to make and supply new products and solutions. To illustrate how challenging this is, when we launched our new BLX system in 2019, it comprised more than 500 components (SKUs) and by year-end we had sold more than 100 000 implants alone. On top of this, the Straumann Group introduced more than a hundred other new items during the year. Beyond continuity indeed!

To make this increase sustainable, we have seven major expansion projects, which are all on track (see p. 74 ff.). In Villeret (CH), the shell of our large new implant production building was completed in 2019 and interior construction began. In nearby Corgément, we created a permanent rather than temporary unit because we need more space in Villeret than expected. In Andover (USA), we rented an additional 3000 m2 of space. In Curitiba (BR), we constructed a new factory in less than a year, which will produce our new implant brand nuvo. In Round Rock (USA), we expanded clear aligner production significantly. We also began setting up aligner production units in Germany and Brazil. Collectively, these projects will add 51 250 m2 of production space.