Minimal invasiveness


Very small diameter monotype implants offer a costeffective, immediate and minimally invasive solution for edentulous patients who have reduced horizontal bone. More than a million such implants were placed in 2017 and they are rapidly gaining popularity – not least because they can avoid bone grafting procedures which would be necessary with wider implants.

In October, we launched a premium mini implant system that pushes several boundaries. Unlike other implants in this category, it is made of our highstrength Roxolid® and is just 2.4 millimeters in a diameter. It has an SLA® surface to enhance osseointegration and is designed for immediate placement protocols with reduced drilling.

It also features a built-in Optiloc® prosthetic retention system, which is made of special wear-resistant materials for for exceptional long-term performance and low maintenance. With all of these features, this sets a new standard in mini implants.