Analyst Talk

Analyts Talk 14

John Kreger, senior healthcare analyst at William Blair, interviews Dr Sam Daher, certified specialist in orthodontists
V0256-EN 24.04.2019 MP4, 226 MB

Analyt Talk 13

Veronika Dubajova, senior analyst at Goldman Sachs interviews Straumann’s Head of DSO business, Petra Rumpf
18.03.2019 M4V, 378 MB

Analyst talk 12

Julien Dormois, senior analyst at Exane BNP Paribas interviews Straumann Group CEO Marco Gadola at the EAO in Vienna
15.10.2018 M4V, 347 MB

Straumann Analyst talk 11 final

Dr. Marcus Wieprecht and Markus Gola from Bank Mainfirst AG interview the Straumann CEO Marco Gadola
27.06.2018 MP4, 403 MB

Analyst Talk 10

Interview with the Italian periodontist Dr Mario Roccuzzo
08.05.2017 M4V, 375 MB

Analyst Talk 8

Jefferey Johnson from Robert W. Baird & Co. interviews our Frank Hemm, EVP Marketing & Education
27.03.2017 M4V, 335 MB

Analyst Talk 8

Patrick Wood from Cititgroup interviews our CEO Marco Gadola
20.10.2016 M4V, 247 MB

Analyst Talk 7

Alex Kleban interviews our CFO Peter Hackel in the context of our 2016 Half-Year results conference.
18.08.2016 M4V, 425 MB

Analyst Talk 6

Michael Jüngling from Morgan Stanley interviews our CEO at the EAO 2015 in Stockholm.
27.09.2015 M4V, 236 MB

Analyst Talk 5

Richard Latz from HSBC interviews Frank Hemm, Head of Customer Solutions & Education at the International Dental Show 2015 in Cologne (IDS).
17.03.2015 M4V, 245 MB

Analyst Talk 4

Lisa Clive from Sanford C. Bernstein interviews our CEO in the context of the value price segment.
04.11.2014 M4V, 202 MB

Analyst Talk 2

Daniel Jelovcan from Bank Vontobel interviews our CEO in the context of our full-year 2013 result
25.02.2014 M4V, 209 MB

Analyst Talk 3

Tom Jones from Bank Berenberg interviewed Straumann's CEO at the EAO 2014 dental congress in Rome
10.01.2014 M4V, 172 MB

Analyst Talk

Christoph Gretler from Credit Suisse interviews our CEO in the context of our halfyear 2013 results
20.08.2013 M4V, 379 MB