3.1 Impression-taking

Impressions for the final restoration are usually taken about 6-8 weeks after suture removal. Depending on the position of the restoration and your personal preference, the impression can be taken with a closed- or open-tray method. Bite registration and color assessment are also part of this treatment step and allow you to provide the required information to your dental technician to fabricate the final restoration.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to decide whether a closed- or open-tray impression should be done.

  • Understand how a tray is prepared for an open- tray impression.

  • Understand how to position the selected impression components for the specific implant type (SP/BLT), and perform the open-or closed-tray impression.

  • Be able to carry out a proper bite registration and color assessment.

  • Understand how the impression is transferred to the lab to create the master models.