1.2 Treatment planning

Structured treatment planning takes place in your office after gathering the details from a thorough patient history and examination. There may be a need to gather more information from the patient's physician, study models, radiographs or additional investigations. Treatment options must be considered for the patient's individual situation, along with the prognosis and treatment proposal.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and select a patient who is suitable for straightforward implant treatment.

  • Complete the risk assessment considering the patient’s medical or dental history.

  • Perform a thorough analysis of the study models and radiographs to finalize the diagnosis and prognosis of the dentition, determine which implant to use, and plan restorative options including any necessary adjunctive therapy before implant treatment.

  • Use the Straumann® X-ray Template and the formula to calculate the distortion of the radiographic image for accurate planning.

  • Be able to discuss with your dental technician the proposed case and any necessary restorative planning options.

  • Prepare the treatment plan, costs and options, for discussion with the patient at the next visit.