3.1 Abutment insertion, modification and relining of a lower complete denture

Following the recommended healing phase after implant placement, you must now see the patient to insert the LOCATOR® or Novaloc® Abutments and eventually to reline the mandibular complete denture. For an existing, well-fitting and well-functioning lower complete denture, you can use the abutments in a chair-side procedure. If the lower complete denture’s fit is inadequate after surgery (poor adaptation to underlying tissue) and major adjustments are necessary, relining and insertion of auxiliary parts into the lower complete denture should be performed lab-side by the dental technician.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to decide on the correct abutment, i.e. LOCATOR® or Novaloc®.

  • Be able to choose the correct abutment height.

  • Know how to use the various auxiliaries, e.g. LOCATOR® Block-out Spacers, Novaloc® Mounting Collars, etc.

  • Be familiar with the appropriate mounting tools, i.e. LOCATOR® Core Tool or Novaloc® Mounting and Demounting Tool for Retention Inserts.

  • Know how to insert the LOCATOR® Denture Caps or Novaloc® Matrix Housings chair-side into the existing lower complete denture.

  • Know how to make a relining impression on abutment level for lab-side relining of the lower complete denture.