2.1 Implant surgery

Implant surgery starts with appropriate preparation for the surgery. Like in other oral surgical interventions, working under sterile conditions is mandatory. Implant placement normally requires raising a soft tissue flap, preparing the implant beds by drilling the alveolar bone, placement of the implants and healing components, followed by adequate closure of the wound.

Learning objectives

  • Know how to prepare the patient for surgery by providing appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis, premedication, antiseptic mouthrinse and adequate local anesthesia at the surgical site.

  • Be familiar with drilling procedures and its general considerations.

  • Know how to assess bone quality, perform an appropriate incision to raise a full-thickness flap and expose the bone.

  • Be able to place the implant in the correct three-dimensional position.

  • Know what to inform the patient about post-operative aftercare, medication and oral hygiene measures.

  • Know what complications can occur intra- or post-operatively and how to handle such situations.