When Can I Have My Tooth: Understanding the Biology of Implant Osseointegration

Course Details

In this Team Meeting, Dr. Dichter addresses a question frequently asked by patients: When can I have my tooth? While it is desirable to keep treatment times as short as possible, it is important to approach dental implant placement in a way that allows for the most predictable successful outcomes. Dr. Dichter reviews the biologic factors that contribute to successful implant osseointegration, and why it is critical for the dental team to understand this and be able to convey it to patients who are anxious to expedite their dental implant treatment.

Learning objectives for this course

  • Define the concepts of mechanical stability and biologic stability related to dental implants
  • Understand the biologic basis of implant osseointegration and how it affects treatment time
  • Learn the requirements and desired conditions for successful osseoi