A Research Driven Approach to Case Presentation

Course Details

Traditional models of case presentation place little choice in the hands of our patients and fail to build the trust needed to inspire positive motivation for treatment. In this course, Dr. Spear reviews the independent patient research Spear has commissioned, and how the findings underscore patients' desire for a more collaborative style of case presentation and treatment planning. He then goes on to explain the benefits of utilizing the co-diagnosis model, as opposed to some of the alternative methodologies, and how tools such as Spear’s Patient Education platform can improve your case presentation. 

Learning objectives for this course

  •  Review Spear's research findings in regards to case presentation and treatment acceptance
  •  Provide an overview of the Co-Diagnosis model of case presentation, and how it differs from traditional methodologies
  •  Demonstrate how Spear’s Patient Education platform can be used to supplement a co-diagnostic case presentation